Food & Vendor Details


  • Are there any gluten-free beers or other alcohol options this year? – Yes, but at this time breweries are not confirmed.  See a full list of confirmed breweries here.
  • Can I purchase beer from the breweries at the Festival? – No. Colorado law does not allow purchasing 6-packs, growlers or others at this event. You cannot leave the designated event area with alcohol.
  • I just want to hang out – can I buy a full beer or drink at the event? – No alcoholic drinks will be served at the event other than the tastings.
  • Will breweries run out of beer? – It’s possible they’ll run out of certain kinds of brews, especially the most popular kinds, but beer will be available until the end of the event.
  • Will there be free water available at the event? – Yes
  • Are there drinks other than beer? – Vendors will have sodas & water for sale.
  • What food vendors will be there? Yes, a full list will be announced in March 2018.
  • What retail/promotional vendors will be there? – A full list will be announced in March 2018.